With autumn and the start of school, for me, there’s always a feeling of optimism.

In regard to my son, I also feel worry. My son will be in a traditional classroom this year. It is a big transition. There is so much unknown. Will he be able to handle sitting still? How will his social interactions be with other kids? Are the teachers ready for his reactions? Can he learn in spite of all his challenges?

I have to let him go and trust that he is in good hands. I have emailed and gone to meetings with the school team and made sure my guy has continued his progress throughout the summer. I have worked with therapists and doctors. And I have prayed. And will continue to do all of the things in my power for both of my kids.

Every morning, I will pick up my warrior mom mantle and keep going.


Both of my kids are excited about going to school.  I am thankful.

Wishing you a successful school year.