Showing a lack of fear; intrepid.

Synonyms:  intrepid, undaunted, dauntless, brave, bold, daring

Little Miss Fearless. (well, I try to be)

My life has gone places I never imagined.  I am very recently divorced after thinking it would never happen to me. Surviving a broken heart and shattered trust is only one part. Facing my uncertain future as a single Mom in a new place after having left my career, well, that is another part.  Oh, and tackling the labyrinth of managing the special needs of my son while working to give my daughter equal attention is yet another part.

Some days I charge forward!  Other days, I can barely move an inch.  But every day, I thank God for the chance to be the Mom of such beautiful and joyful children!!! My story is one of faith and a (not so) fearless approach to all the challenges that lay before me.


Photos by me.

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